1. anon(8650998)'s Avatar
    Hi all. I wasn't sure about how useful swiping on the touch sensitive keyboard to scan web pages and emails would be until I used it for a while along with holding the BB horizontally. I find it to be really handy and easy! I have an ipad mini that I usually hold horizontally at home but I'm using it less and less and now use the Passport almost all the time whether at home or out. It fits so nicely whether in one hand or two and between the intuitiveness and touch sensitivity of the keyboard, plus the great screen, the PP has become my main computer. It'll be the only one I take when I travel!
    11-19-14 10:24 AM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    I love it. With one exception... some apps like the CB app, if you are editing posts it makes it difficult. Because when you you press somewhere to edit text and type - the typing gets registered at first as swipes. So it changes location in the editor.

    Minor but a side effect

    Posted to CB via my Passport | FileArchiveHaven
    11-19-14 10:26 AM
  3. kwakster928's Avatar
    I tend to look at the screen when I type, as my fingers are used to the new keyboard layout.

    Only time I use the predictive text is when I am typing a long word like "responsibilities". It works pretty well in that regard.

    Posted with my super duper BlackBerry Passport.
    11-19-14 11:29 AM
  4. BACK-2-BLACK's Avatar
    Also find it great when I put the phone in landscape mode and use the touchpad to scroll webpages....
    F'en love that.

    Even one handed...

    Find other people close to me stare big time when I do that because it behaves so foreign to them, but so natural for me.
    11-22-14 11:52 AM

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