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    First and foremost, I'm excited for the Passport. I'm excited for Blend. I'm excited for 10.3 and an official 10.3.1. One of the unfortunate things about being a member of the CrackBerry community is that the announcements don't surprise us, and when the long anticipated updates are made official, it just pisses us off when we can't have it RIGHT NOW!!!

    I understand that exclusive carrier deals are important. It sucks that I'm with Bell and have to wait a month before I can get a Passport on contract.

    I understand that Blend was only officially made public today. It sucks that it is restricted to Passports only, considering 10.3 is operational on existing BlackBerry 10 phones. Blend is equally, and perhaps more, important as the Passport. It adds/will add "stickiness" to the current BlackBerry 10 user base. It, in my opinion, makes Microsoft Outlook obsolete and puts the most important parts of BlackBerry 10 on PC/Mac/iOS/Android... this is effing huge! I want it NOW!!!

    I understand that BlackBerry wants to stay on message - market data, forms, and medical applications are important to enterprise clients. My attention seriously wavered half way though the forms and I was not present at all during the medical imagery demo. Would have preferred John Chen and Jeff Gadway for the duration of the show.

    Finally, Amazon. The Amazon App Store is an important win for the mainstream BlackBerry user that has not been indoctrinated into the CrackBerry community - assuming there is such a user remaining out there. It brings a bunch of Android apps - and an important handful of "must have" applications - to BlackBerry 10. But Amazon and BlackBerry have a lot more to offer one another than just an app store. I would have liked to have seen BlackBerry Blend running on a Kindle Fire HDX, demoed by an Amazon rep. Even more importantly to the entrepreneurial and small business focused audience, I would have LOVED to see AMAZON LOCAL REGISTER announced or demoed on the Passport! A mobile payment solution on a mobile business machine - two partners working hand-in-hand.

    I'm mostly happy with the announcement, but these things always leave us wanting a little more. I just happen to want a LOT MORE this time around.
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    09-24-14 01:39 PM
  2. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Hopefully, we will have more good news.....soon.
    09-24-14 02:08 PM
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    It could be even better than what you mentioned.

    10.4. A personal spaceship that will take you to the moon and back running QNX.

    And also a Bill Gates endorsement.

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    09-24-14 07:22 PM
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    Anything can always be better.

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    09-24-14 07:44 PM

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