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    I bought my first BlackBerry product ever July 18th of this year. The Passport has really changed and raised my standards on what an intelligent phone should be. The keyboard is fantastic, with all the shortcut mappings available, I never thought any of these could exist on a touchscreen phone. The convenience of locking the phone form home screen, opening the browser without touching the icon, and composing messages with a simple push of letters I can customize to my liking make me wonder how I got by with a touchscreen phone for the past 2 and half years. I really like my BlackBerry phone, especially the media card I added, I copied all my books and power point presentations for school that I can look at from anywhere I am, whenever I want. The assistant on this phone doesn't sass me, plus the battery on this phone is no joke.

    There are numerous things I did not mention above that I also like about the Passport, but there is one thing I would like Blackberry to improve on, and that is the OS. Nothing is wrong with it, but with all the rams my phone came equipped with, things should run a tad more smoothly, coming from an iPhone I got kinda used to the silky smooth OS they have tested and refined, but honestly that is all. I know with time more apps will be available to BlackBerry World and the Amazon Store, but the OS needs to be polished a little more. BlackBerry has won me over, I don't think I can ever go back to a touchscreen phone, not even those cool Samsung Phones with that nifty side bar.

    Keep up the hard work Crackberry, I'm feening over here!

    08-08-15 03:33 AM
  2. Croberry1989's Avatar
    I am glad you like it. The only reason iPhone can sometimes feel smoother is that iOS does not really have a real multitasking like BB OS and it just buys time with all those fancy animations. I am sure that BB 10 is the best OS on the market. If only more people knew this.

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    08-08-15 04:13 AM
  3. texn884's Avatar
    I bought a used one off ebay its a att version and its 4 months old and should be here monday. I have the BB Z30 which is a great phone but I have always been old school and want a keyboard again.
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    08-08-15 12:44 PM
  4. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    Welcome Anthony! Glad you were thoughtful enough to give something different a try! Wait until you use Blend, BBM (voice chat, video chat, & screen share), and so many other great features! You'll love it even more!

    I do agree with you about BB10 vs iOS in terms of overall appeal. The animations and transitions on iOS are very nice, fluid, and consistent. BB10 animations are much more basic, although the OS is still quite fluid. BlackBerry should step it up a bit in terms of transitions throughout the OS. Android even does a nicer job. In the end, consumers do enjoy those subtle touches.

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    08-10-15 09:26 PM

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