02-26-15 03:54 PM
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    I did. The 3 day wait period is apt. Awesome battery life. Great keyboard. Excellent build quality.

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    02-25-15 11:54 AM
  2. mietzmietz's Avatar
    Went from the Z10 to the Z30 in November last year. Main problem with the Z10 was battery life. Loved the Z30, the screen was great, battery was super. I had decided to buy either the classic or the passport nearer the end of 2015. I was really torn between the two, the classic had the familiar keyboard and toolbelt that I loved on the old BBOS devices, but the passport had the nicer screen, better processor more RAM and slightly larger battery. My Z30 developed a problem with the microphone so I had to send it back. Amazon said they couldnt repair it so they refunded me and I purchased the passport from their warehouse deals for a couple of hundred extra euros. Best phone ever! I love the touch sensitive keyboard, battery life is just out of this world and the build quality is amazing. Everything is snappy, even the few android apps I have sideloaded work well. Not regretting the decision to get the passport at all.
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    02-25-15 01:46 PM
  3. The_Passporter's Avatar
    Sold all my other BlackBerry devices except a broken BlackBerry 9000 and my Passport.

    The Passport is not perfect, but it's the best BlackBerry ever produced so far, Z30 being the second best.

    Looking forward to the Z50 that may never come.

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    OMG that 9000 was an incredible phone. If back then they would have just made a credible browser that worked they could have held on but it's obvious they were sleeping at the wheel. Thank God fore John Chen, I truly hope he makes this company grow. Really not impressed with the last update they released knowing it was full of bugs. Better to not have an update then to released havoc on every loyal customer. Bad decision. I hope someone gets fired fort that.

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    02-26-15 03:54 PM
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