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    I am considering the decision to leave big red (after paying off my 'VZW Edge' Z30) and latching onto AT&T to finally get my hands on a passport. I prefer the look of the AT&T version to the others but at this point it doesn't matter (i just want it!). I also have no interest in a slider and from the looks of it i don't see VZW ever getting a passport like phone.

    I really just want reassurance or even just opinions from current passport owners on AT&T (South Carolina USA preferred) to see if it is worth the switch (network speed and coverage) or if the device is still worth getting. I have admired this phone for some time now and really just want it. I can get it on the AT&T edge month-to-month to avoid a 2-year contract with a lower monthly bill than what i am paying now.

    Feedback and thoughts welcome by anyone. Thanks!
    08-06-15 01:35 PM
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    Passport owners will mostly say YES it is a great device and it's still worth getting.

    But I'd talk with your workmates and family, as coverage is still in some areas the big driving factor in what Carrier you choose. AT&T has good coverage, but it isn't as good as Verizon. But depending on where you live and work... it might not matter. If you want it, and AT&T has the coverage you need... then go for it.

    My only thing is you might could wait and see if AT&T gets the new Sliver Passport as it has a few enhancements. It seems to have the AT&T design requirements covered.
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    08-06-15 01:53 PM
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    I agree that the Passport is a great device and worth the switch. I have had my passport since launch and it works great. I echo the comment that you should check with someone who has Att in your area and see how it is. I am on att myself but not in your area. Where i am ATT and VZW have about the same coverage but ATT is faster. Enjoy your your new device.

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    08-06-15 02:01 PM

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