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    A lot of apps (Netflix, Fox Sports Go) I've sideloaded onto my passport play in 4/3 ratio, is there a way to view in widescreen? Last night I attempted to watch the World Series on the Fox Sports Go app and it was almost unwatchable cutting off the scoreboard and half the batter. The NBC sports app automatically converts video to widescreen on passport making it work perfectly but not so with a majority off these other apps. I love my passport but might have to invest in the Priv if I can't find a solution to this problem - also, score apps sideloaded like the NHL app are useless since the scoreboard is only able to show two or three scores because of the weird screen layout of the passport. I know about the slide down menu in apps from the top of the screen which allows you to choose a different screen ratio but this does not help for video playback nor does it make scoreboards more readable since it just makes the screen shrink down in size. The passport screen is amazing and has been super productive when apps are built for it but every app that's sideloaded is complete crap. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

    Posted via CB10
    10-29-15 09:39 AM
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    It's true that Android video apps don't always play well with Passport's 1:1 screen ratio. I've changed my Netflix size to rectangular, and videos now do play in 16:9 without cutting off any content. Try that with the other apps and let me know if it works.

    Good luck!

    Posted from my BlackBerry Passport on CB10
    10-29-15 10:04 AM

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