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    I know people will ask how this happened.. but it happened!

    Here's a step-by-step of how it happened in case it helps with anyone knowing a possible solution:

    - Replaced my AT&T Passport with a Passport SE (such a nice device!)

    - Sold the AT&T Passport

    - The buyer informed me that 'anti-theft' was activated and that he needed to sign in with my BlackBerry ID in order to finish setup. (I don't ever remember activating 'anti-theft')

    - I tried to resolve this by removing the device from my BlackBerry Protect account but the buyer still couldn't sign in.

    - I changed my BBID password so that he could sign in and complete set up.

    - The buyer completed set up then tried to sign out of my BBID. He couldn't find a way to sign out so he clicked 'edit' on the BBID menu and changed the BBID ID details to HIS own BBID email. Of course, he was still using my account without knowing!

    - Eventually, he device asked to verify the BBID logged in and the buyer got confused as to why it was asking for MY password when he thought it was HIS BBID on the phone.

    - He then went to the email from BlackBerry which was sent when he changed the email address associated with MY BBID, and proceeded to delete the BBID. After deletion he set up a new BBID with his own email.

    - While this was happening, I got warning on my device saying my BBID no longer existed. Thinking this must've been a mistake, I created new BBID with my usual BBID email, expecting the request to be rejected... to my surprise the creation was successful.

    - After I called the buyer and realised what happened, I deleted the new BBID I just created.

    The situation now is I am still logged into my old BBID and have all my paid apps, but unsurprisingly BlackBerry World no longer lets me download anything I'm quite worried that creating a new BBID with the same email as my old, now deleted, account would have erased all my data...

    Is there any way to recover teh account or at least recover my paid apps?

    12-01-15 04:09 AM

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