1. CarmenXDDD's Avatar
    Hey guys! I have been trying to restore old whatsapp msg from my key2 to pp and I did it! I think it works for any other android phones too! Wanna share with you guys!

    Check out this guy's tutorial!

    For the specific version of whatsapp to do so, I have found one on apkpure.

    For the restoring part, follow step 2 from the below tutorial.

    My whatsapp backup file's name is ended with .crypt12 and it also works on pp. I put the key2 whatsapp backup file on both the below places.

    1) device/misc/android/whatsApp/Databases
    2) sd/android/whatsApp/Databases

    To put files on the device file, you will need to download file manager from BlackBerry world.

    Hope this is helpful for you guys! Thanks!
    02-19-20 08:58 PM
  2. bizzib's Avatar
    Excellent tutorial and glad you successfully reached your goal.
    02-20-20 01:43 AM

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