1. qiandingfengyi's Avatar
    Hi guys:
    I have used passport for almost two months. Today I find out my iPhone to use. After a while , I want to go back to home screen on iPhone, I start to wipe from the home button to the screen, it doesn't work. Then I realized this is not passport.!!!hahahahah!

    I think I have totally get used to use passport now. It is already my daily-drive device. How about you guys?

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    12-23-14 04:15 PM
  2. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    What a jok!

    Blackberry Passport running
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    12-23-14 04:17 PM
  3. d.roc's Avatar
    I hate using other devices. They are frustrating after being accustomed to the Blackberry OS on my Passport.

    Brought to you by...My sweet Passport
    12-23-14 04:22 PM
  4. qiandingfengyi's Avatar
    What a jok!

    Blackberry Passport running

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    12-23-14 04:28 PM
  5. GeoK's Avatar
    It's not that funny...it's happened to me. In the work place.

    It's called 'forget your not on a Passport-itis' Motor-reflex skills based on holding cellphones.
    It is curable. Just need more time with the passport.
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    12-23-14 04:55 PM
  6. ymb's Avatar
    It's annoying to get that quick settings menu on the iPhone when you want to go to home screen

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    12-23-14 05:34 PM
  7. robtanz's Avatar
    It's annoying to get that quick settings menu on the iPhone when you want to go to home screen

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    I do this on my iPad all the time. Ticks me off.

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    12-23-14 06:31 PM
  8. Wenycrack's Avatar
    I swipe up on anything I got my hand on.
    I so hate iOS

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    12-23-14 06:40 PM
  9. GeoK's Avatar
    I agree with Wenycrack....the other day I went to the drive thru window and 'up swiped' the menu.
    Couldn't figure it out at first.

    'up swipers' unite!
    12-23-14 09:20 PM
  10. phantomtech's Avatar
    Jokey joke, ya?

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    12-23-14 09:24 PM
  11. Duffman19's Avatar

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    12-23-14 09:59 PM
  12. herculesinwyoming's Avatar
    I'm a engineer for a rail road. I have swiped up on making y computer screens on the train. Haha don't work that way.

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    12-23-14 10:04 PM
  13. thymaster's Avatar
    Haha, I did the same thing with my friends Note 4 today. I thought it's a well constructed looking phone so I asked her if I can see it and the second it was on my hands, I kept swiping up to turn the phone on. LOL. I was like why isn't it working. Then I realize it's Android so I hit the power button. As I kept browsing through the phone, I kept swiping up for no reasons again. LOL. This made me giggle and realize how much I miss the Blackberry touch gestures already. I don't think I can go back to Android again after today's incident.

    Oh and how I hate how her emails look. I can't see myself going back to that hideous email app of Android. Blackberry Hub Rules!!!
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    12-24-14 03:26 AM

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