04-23-16 09:54 AM
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    Do you think the SE's keyboard is less softer than the Q10? ... But perhaps that was also the key that saved it from being plagued with double typing. The Q10 had it, so I had to sell that as well.
    My SE is my daily device. So, I just pulled out my Q10 to type on it. I am surprised to find that the key feel seems identical to me.

    Sure, the Q10 keyboard is smaller, but I have no problem switching back and forth. (It DID take some time originally to get used to the larger Passport KB and loss of the lower row of keys & the new - to me - predictive word function.)

    My typing technique is to use my fingernails on the keys. (I've never asked anyone else how they use their PKB!). Maybe that's why I feel no difference between the two keyboards.

    I also had a mild case of the double typing issue with my Q10. The software update solved the issue and it has never recurred.
    04-23-16 09:54 AM
26 12

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