09-28-15 12:16 PM
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    @kellyweng88, There is a problem with some Passport phones not charging and/or powering on. I just had to call another in to AT&T about the same problem this morning. Not 6 months old, looks new, minimal use and it will only flash the Blackberry logo briefly before the flashing red LEDs and powering off again. You'll see all kinds of posts about pressing the buttons and connecting to a PC and reloading OS with Link, but that won't work if the device can't stay powered on. AT&T issued a replacement order. Apparently it's happened quite often with the AT&T version, although I have one and it hasn't happened to mine (yet). This user supposedly had about a 40% charge when the phone died. Now since my users are on the corporate account I can call AT&T Small Business Center for support. (866-288-7629).

    Hope yours is resolved.
    09-28-15 12:16 PM
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