1. CharlieV's Avatar
    I have the OG Passport on AT&T and I know it doesn't have HD Voice. Do any of the other versions have HD voice, video or WiFi calling on AT&T?

    Ride or die:  PRIVelege-acy
    08-12-16 12:30 AM
  2. yvpan1's Avatar
    you have no HD voice? i believe that should be enabled by the carrier not by the phone though..
    08-12-16 04:45 AM
  3. CharlieV's Avatar
    I don't on my International Passport. Or, I see no indication that it is enabled and as great as the voice quality is on my Passport, it isn't as good as my other phone that suddenly got HD voice with an update.

    Ride or die:  PRIVelege-acy
    08-12-16 09:38 AM
  4. scubafan's Avatar
    I was told yesterday that the HD Voice is a strong possibility of being the cause of a BUNCH of call issues I'm having with my Q10! The Priv threads have talked about it at length, and the AT&T level 2 tech support person said that turning off HD voice is the only way to fix some of their issues. I'm about to post a question for the group asking if there's any way to turn the HD Voice off on Q10, so perhaps there is a way to enable it on your passport?

    Just my $.02, YMMV ! ;-) sent via my Q10
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    12-15-16 09:47 AM

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