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    My factory unlocked Passport will be arriving tomorrow. I'm currently using a Z10 on AT&T.

    A couple of questions:

    1. How do I go about getting a "nanosim" from an AT&T retailer? Do they charge?

    2. Will there be any problem applying my grandfathered unlimited plan with the Passport?

    3. Will my 64 gb SD card from my Z10 "plug and play" with the Passport? Or will I need to offload the files, reformat it, and load them again?

    4. What is the stock OS on factory unlocked devices from Amazon?

    5. Will the device switch app transfer my Android apps?

    Thanks for any input you can provide!

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    11-13-14 10:23 PM
  2. Chiefhenry27's Avatar
    AT&T will provide the nanosim at no charge. I would assume your plan shouldn't be affected in anyways. The SD card is plug and play. Not sure on the OS version as I got mine from shop blackberry. I had problems with device switch feature. When trying it none of my android apps worked (including Amazon app store). Had to device wipe and start over. Did it without the device switch without issue. Not sure if I had an isolated issue. Good luck and enjoy your passport.
    11-13-14 10:29 PM
  3. -Puck-'s Avatar
    I cut my SIM down from my Z10 cuz I was impatient, but don't really recommend it unless you've done it before. Like stated, SD is plug and play, and do not use the app transfer.

    I think my OS was, but I snagged the 10.3.1 from ATT when they posted it OTA early. Works great except I sometimes (once every few days? It's rare) get a flickering screen when I open an app that goes away when I close and reopen it. Did not do it on stock OS.

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    11-13-14 10:36 PM
  4. KenV54's Avatar
    I did exactly the same thing as you did. As above on the nano-sim. I had AT&T keep the IMEI of my Z10 since I can now switch back and forth from Passport to Z10 using a Sim nano to micro adapter. No need at all to format the Micro 64 GB SD card. The phone will automatically download the driver for it.

    Don't do a "switch device" operation in Link.

    Back up your Z10 completely via Link.

    Autoload the 1016 over the 10.3.0.xxxx or whatever it is on the phone from Amazon onto the Passport. I suppose you could also try the complete Blitz non-destructively via Sachesi with the "experimental Blitz loader" (see link below). That file wasn't available when I got my Passport, so I don't know how well that works, but since you have to restore your apps and media from the Z10, regardless, you might as well do a clean autoload of 1016 on the Passport.

    Restore the entire Z10 backup selectively, and uncheck Settings. Use SMS backup or something first on the Z10 to save your SMS and MMS messages if you want, and save your notes in Remember via Evernote, although you can later use Device Switch app in BlackBerry World on both phones to do that over WiFi.

    Then DL the "experimental 1016 Blitz file for Passport, https://mega.co.nz/#!X1UXmSAS!Astnxl...AcfI7YFjl4IFSw, unzip it on your computer, and sideload the 8960 hybrid core OS 1016 over the already autoloaded 1016 using Sachesi.

    You will then have all your Android files intact when you are finished, and you shouldn't have any screen flicker.

    It may take a bit of work to get Link to restore the backup you made from the Z10, because you will have to teach Link that you now have a Passport and that it is registered with BlackBerry. But what I have written above is all completely doable, and it works. You'll still have to register the Passport with BBM, and reregister a few apps, both native and Android, but that's it. Of course you're also have to reestablish your email accounts in Settings, but that is true in any case.

    There are a lot of problems reported with 1016, but mine is working pretty well, and I think it's better than the 10.3.0 that comes with the Passport from Amazon. We're all awaiting the next 10.3.1 leak.
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