11-02-14 10:40 PM
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    My micro is still in my Z30, but it says it's not provisioned. The T-Mobile clerk said it won't work anymore.

    There might be a way to provision it again, but it would be a hassle and it would involve calling your carrier or something every time you wanted to switch phones.

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    Yep. You would have to either go to a carrier store, call Customer Care, or chat with a rep online and have them change the IMEI associated with your plan to the one from the device you want to use (each time; both ways). Unless, of course, your carrier has a method allowing customers to make this change themselves (which would be awesome). I was told this is not possible with AT&T.

    Using the adapter seemed like a better option, as it allows you to make the change on your terms within a few minutes.

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    11-02-14 02:06 PM
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    Anyone ever tried one of those SIM duplicators? Would be awesome,.. all you would have to do is turn on/off mobile network on each device.

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    11-02-14 02:48 PM
  3. WGn199's Avatar
    Nah. The Sadapter brand ones are rigid with a cut-out for the type of SIM you are inserting. They are measured very precisely, so there is not much chance of the spring pins getting caught (aside from inserting it without the nano-SIM in it). There are ridges on the top side that ensure the SIM will stay in place, but no full backing.

    I think I looked at some made by Noosy (sp) as well, and they were white with a backing over one side of the SIM cut-out.

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    This the brand I used. It has a solid (clear) backing and purchased it at FutureShop.

    Switching Devices Back and forth (Z30 and Passport)-img_20141102_233130.jpg
    11-02-14 10:40 PM
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