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    A week ago I switched my Z10 to the new Passport. Every app, contacts and accounts seemed to move seamlessly to the new equipment. However, when I tried to access the the Mexican newspapers Exclsior and El Universal, I only get the headlines, but no access to any specific article. Access to the body of any article is still possible if I do it from my old Z10 via Wi-Fi. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Has anyone a way to overcome this issue?
    Thanks in advance

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    02-19-15 10:45 AM
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    Let me try on my Z30 (running 10.3.1).


    It's working here.

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    Attachment 334771
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    Attachment 334773
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    Attachment 334776

    Try a combo of:

    Browser > Overflow (the tree dots) > Settings >Security & Privacy > and empty cache


    Hold the top button till you see the BlackBerry loading screen, ignore reboot/shutdown prompts.
    02-19-15 10:58 AM

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