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    The touch sensitive keyboard on the passport is awesome but:
    It lacks the click of the classic track pad. It also lacks the shift (not that that's a problem, I always used the long hold for capitals) and the alt (but a quick swipe down does that apart from when at the home screen so you can't enter BlackBerry assistant with a number or just start typing a number on the keyboard) so really just the click and call answer buttons missing (although a double tap on the keyboard works a bit like a trackpad click)
    P.S. Don't really see need for back and BlackBerry buttons on os10.

    Now what if:

    The space bar did not provide the touch sensitive movement of the other keys.
    But it did this instead:

    It was an almost unnoticeable 2mm narrower and had an ever so slightly rough surface or a slight indentation and had a thin illuminated green stripe along one edge and thin red along the other. As well as clicking down it would also click left and right when you held your thumb over it and pulled left and right. Touch and drag to answer a phone call or hang up mirroring the on screen slider.
    The space bar could also provide the equivalent of left and right mouse click which would default to being the same as a classic track pad click in either direction. From home screen touch and pull towards green to bring up number pad to make a phone call.

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    03-07-15 12:52 PM

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