1. roivila's Avatar
    - previous next picture using touch keyboard
    - previois next song using touch keyboard
    - internet browser cursor (as in the Classic) by double tapping on the touch keyboard.

    This is hardware ready, i guess it will come in future updates? Seems stupid to have not includee these from day one...
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    11-27-14 10:38 AM
  2. dejanh's Avatar
    Completely agree but don't hold your breath on these making into a software release anytime soon. The keyboard is also multitouch capable but it does not support pinch to zoom either.

    Posted via CB10
    11-27-14 10:43 AM
  3. Prannoy Sarkar's Avatar
    Previous next picture using gesture on the keyboard is one of the strangest things missing. How can it be missed? On passport thats the first thing I do my mistake is to change photos by swiping on the keyboard and then I feel disgusted every time. And not only me all those who took my phone and knew that the keyboard is touch enabled two things they tried
    - swiping home screen
    - swiping for pictures
    And I had to tell them that it doesnt happen like that.

    Posted via CB10
    11-27-14 11:05 AM
  4. Igoran69's Avatar
    Also want a Back function with Left to Right swipe, same as on screen where it applicable. In Hub for example..

    Posted via CB10
    11-27-14 11:11 AM
  5. mofokey's Avatar
    Agreed... keypad has such great potential - just take a kitchen sink approach and make as many actions key-mapped or mappable as you can - that would've been good. There's certainly more keys than there are possible actions in any app now, so that should really be the way to go.

    Also, there has to be a way to get keys to be back/menu/home keys in an Android app. One thing that I think Classic will be better than Passport at (assuming the back key on classic will work as back key in an Android app).
    11-27-14 11:24 AM
  6. dejanh's Avatar
    I like the idea for swipe to go back or swipe to go forward.

    Posted via CB10
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    11-27-14 11:26 AM

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