1. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Can someone please tell my what si that headphone icon with an arrow bouncing up in top left corner? I have changed sim card today (same number but new one) and made all settings like old one.

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    12-20-16 06:41 PM
  2. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Great, can't upload photo.

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    12-20-16 06:44 PM
  3. yamahammer's Avatar
    Is the symbol headphones or handset?

    Passport. SQW100-1 OS
    12-20-16 08:11 PM
  4. gari_dassler's Avatar

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    12-21-16 01:44 AM
  5. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Now i'm noticed i can send SMS, but no blue dot delivery notification, just silver chek mark.

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    12-21-16 01:48 AM
  6. guygardner73's Avatar
    Need to see it and then I can tell you.

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    12-21-16 01:52 AM
  7. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Why i can't upload picture in crackberry app??

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    12-21-16 01:52 AM
  8. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Can't upload picture in app, nothing happen, i mark pic then click post and nothing.

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    12-21-16 02:00 AM
  9. thurask's Avatar
    Just upload it to Imgur or something like that and put a link here.
    12-21-16 02:05 AM
  10. ryder55's Avatar
    You can't upload a picture because you turned your "shared files" permission off. Go to settings -security- permissions and enable the shared file permission for crackberry..restart the app and try again.

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    12-21-16 02:14 AM
  11. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Shared files were on, just restarted phone.

    Strange icon in top left corner on BlackBerry Passport-img_20161221_012629.png

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    12-21-16 02:33 AM
  12. thurask's Avatar
    It's call forwarding.
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    12-21-16 02:39 AM
  13. gari_dassler's Avatar
    Thanks! I changed SIM because network suddenly dissapear and can't find it couple minutes. Use this Passport year and half but this is first time to have problems like this, so i think phone is about too die :-(

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    12-21-16 02:50 AM
  14. leeiling's Avatar
    It is either TTY or hearing aid
    My fault. I didn't get to check the pic
    Posted via CB10
    12-21-16 08:02 AM

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