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    So I thought I've got my Google calendar sync set up and working (as far as I know) perfectly. Existing calendar events are sync'd as soon as I add the account, and I'm able to send/receive calendar invites and they show up on my Passport calendar app and desktop Google calendar.

    Here's the strange issue: I add an event via the Passport calendar app, the event shows up on my desktop Google calendar. However, when I add an event via desktop Google calendar, the event does NOT show up on my Passport calendar app, BUT it shows up in the Hub notifications and lock screen notifications as an upcoming event (I added an event for today at noon). I'm able to view the event via the hub, and even edit and save it, but it still does not show up on the Passport calendar app.

    Anyone else seen this issue or can someone with a similar set up test? Passport on Rogers running Google email and calendar sync added normally via accounts setup - nothing fancy.

    Thanks Crackberry Nation!
    10-16-14 01:57 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Quite the ghost you got there... Did you try:
    • Turn airplane mode on, count to 10, turn airplace mode off;
    • Reboot your device by holding the top buttom till you see the BlackBerry loading screen.

    The airplane more trick forces your device to refresh all sync'ed accounts. This reboot method is equivalent to a battery pull of old BlackBerry devices.
    10-23-14 08:14 PM
  3. StevenChoi's Avatar
    Change your view to another and back. If your view is month then change to week (or any other) and then change back to month.

    Posted via CB10
    diegonei likes this.
    10-23-14 08:34 PM

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