10-12-15 08:20 PM
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  1. robert_in_la's Avatar
    I had the Passport for about a month. Great phone but in the end I didn't care for the overall size - being too wide - and placement of the physical keyboard.
    10-12-15 04:31 PM
  2. dale-c's Avatar
    Update: I'm buying the AT&T Passport this week. All those stories of how great it is convinced me! Lol

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    I just downloaded the Sling TV app. It's and android app, yet you would never know, it's flawless.

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    10-12-15 06:03 PM
  3. rmed2009's Avatar
    My advice would be to check out amazon for passports on their warehouse deals page last year when they came out full retal was 599 but I got one for 400 just because the box was opened...Works fine and no problems. And the one I bought had the same description and there wasn't marks of any kind on it
    Still Worth Buying a Passport?-img_20151012_180925.png
    Still Worth Buying a Passport?-img_20151012_181950.png

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    10-12-15 08:20 PM
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