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    I've looked, although not as extensively. Does the new Starbucks app work. On BB10. I'm always on the road and always in a hurry. I love the ability to order through the app and just walk in and go.

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    01-03-17 07:25 PM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    Yes......B U T,
    Be aware that the free WiFi offered at Starbucks and EVERY other "public" establishment that offers Free WiFi is NOT secure.
    That means the person across the room who's just peeking above his laptop at you can easily hack your computer.
    If you don't have a good security/anti-virus program installed on your device GOT ONE!
    You have a security/anti-virus program on your home computer, right?
    Why would take your mobile handheld computer out into world without protection?
    And I don't mean free anti-virus programs.
    Personally, I have a Passport. It's a BlackBerry... It's a bit pricy.... but it was worth every penny. I'm not going to install some fairly decent security on it. If I can afford a Passport then I can go the extra mile and put the best network security/anti-virus/malware program for PC and mobile on it. Norton.
    It's that simple!
    I don't work for Norton, I'm just a regular guy who knows enough about computers, software, the internet and wireless waves of signals zapping down and zipping all around me.
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    01-04-17 01:59 AM
  3. waxler900's Avatar
    I'm just wanting the android app that allows me to order drinks while on the move. This way they are ready when I get there. I was able to install the iphone version on my iPad. Not great but acceptable

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    01-04-17 05:37 AM
  4. cyclezib's Avatar
    Interesting comments. I went to the Norton site and the McAfee site. Neither AV software lists that it is compatible with BB.
    01-04-17 07:10 PM

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