1. Jack Lope's Avatar

    I know that over time people experience slow downs especially with android apps.

    I've suddenly experienced slowdowns but, only when sending messages in some forums or especially private facebook messages. It wasn't gradual, just one day it started. So, I am cautious of my online footprint and some fb messages to people are very private. Of course, fb not the most secure message place, but it's not the general data miners or Google that is my concern at this moment.

    So, is there any way to check the security of my phone? At least for peace of mind? Feels like someone shady reading my messages. Yeah, might be silly and tin foil hatty, but whatever. :P

    Side question, I see where to clear cookies in browser, but is there a way to only clear specific ones?

    I access fb with browser. No fb app.
    07-06-17 06:38 PM
  2. iled's Avatar
    You may use fb on the private mode of the browser. Once you close it all the cookies and navigation history is gone.
    07-06-17 08:03 PM
  3. jdesignz's Avatar
    Browsing in private or incognito mode doesn't mean your safe and untraceable. It only does not save browsing history locally.
    07-06-17 09:11 PM

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