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    Blackberry Passport (unlocked, from Amazon). Issue-free since start of October. As of today, my speakers have gone MIA. No notifications, music, etc. If I play music and switch Audio to handset, I can hear it. If I plug in headphones, audio is fine. But no speakers. I've done a hard reset (via the volume keys held down). Still nothing.

    Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I found threads about Z10 speakers going out (and some fix involving locking the device, etc), but nothing for Passport.
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    12-23-14 11:41 PM
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    Send it in for warranty. If it's a hardware fault, there is nothing that you can do.

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    12-23-14 11:48 PM
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    Before you send it out for warranty, try doing an OS wipe and see if it could possibly be software related.
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    12-24-14 04:58 AM
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    Although a wipe may be the second last resort, what apps do you have installed and what if any were installed just prior to the loss of sound?
    12-24-14 07:32 AM
  5. heymatei's Avatar
    No new app installations in weeks prior to yesterday's issue. Updated BBM, Parrot, BeWeather and a couple games (but didn't launch any of the games, nor Parrot, since update). Called BB support, they're sending me a Fedex box to ship them the device for repair.

    Will do a full wipe today and see if that does the trick before I send it off. Will reply here if wiping does the trick.
    12-24-14 04:12 PM

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