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    Having been on android for two years I took a bold move back to blackberry. There is not a huge following in south Africa.
    My main reason was for the qwerty keyboard as I battle on touch screens.
    The Passport has met and exceeded my expectations.

    I work as a financial advisor and live my life going from one appointment to another. My email synced perfectly and all appointments get updated onto my calender. Small functions like meeting mode help avoid embarrassing moments in meetings when my phone rings as I forgot to turn the phone onto silent. I also appreciate the vibrate 15mins before the next appointment as I know to start closing the meeting.

    The keyboard took no time to get accustomed to and I find myself chatting to friends more frequently.

    I am a lover of instagram and after adjusting the app screen size it works perfectly once sideloaded.

    Yes, I lost my clash of clans save, but I really don't care much as the positives outweigh the negs.

    Being able to view spreadsheets easier has made life so much simpler as I can do work in a parking lot waiting to meet a client.
    The hub is vital as I can separate work and private messages quickly.

    This is not a review, but rather a testimony to how brilliant the device is for business.

    For anybody who needs an office away from the office give this bad boy a try.

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    11-24-15 05:55 AM
  2. moosbb's Avatar
    Oh yes! Welcome in the real World! Lol

    Enjoy you beast as we do, it may become collector soon!

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    11-24-15 06:27 AM
  3. kirpriv's Avatar
    Great job!
    11-24-15 06:42 AM

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