07-30-15 11:27 AM
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  1. thurask's Avatar
    Nothing, really.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-11-15 10:28 AM
  2. lovestkd's Avatar
    loving my passport, but coming from a Bold it is annoying that when it is in password lock you can't just start typing and it would input it in to the password. Now more steps have to swipe up then start typing

    Main issue I'm having is with the Citrix Receiver when in word it will not let me type it is jumping all over the place....very frustrating as our work uses Citrix so it would be awesome if we had a native app. for the passport
    02-11-15 11:04 AM
  3. gimmi786's Avatar
    Surely needs an upgrade for the Software. ...... Awful Camera.

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 11:08 AM
  4. kidmac13's Avatar
    Probably unlocking in my pocket. It's strange.

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    02-11-15 11:17 AM
  5. hanto's Avatar
    Surely needs an upgrade for the Software. ...... Awful Camera.

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 11:26 AM
  6. aig01's Avatar
    I ended up sending mine back to Amazon...just weird quirks as mentioned previously, bit of a shame as I did appreciate the design, back to my z10...now I'm stuck with 3 Tetded cases I received for Christmas
    02-11-15 12:12 PM
  7. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    No problems at all.

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 01:18 PM
  8. 93Aero's Avatar
    Notifications not sounding through headphones that came with device, and Notify while on call alerts aren't sounding even though the settings are correct.

    PassportSQW100-1/, Q10SQN100-5/ Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 02:30 PM
  9. brushaway's Avatar
    No problems at all, i even like the camera lot! Dont really have alot of focus problems. Did have a few hub freezes tho that were a tad annoying. Nothing since the last leak

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 02:46 PM
  10. Blackberry Pisspoor's Avatar
    I hate hate hate how if I hit send to my work group, I have to STAY on the frozen screen and let my phone sit for up to four or five minutes until I hear the bong that my message was sent out. I put myself on the group list to make sure I know it was sent out...
    I thought this had the latest fastest software... I heard wrong... why cant this work like a computer and be instant?

    I miss my Swype keyboard on my Samsung Vibrant S2 and my last phone, Note 2... but Vibrant had a way better Swype version...
    Can it be installed on my Passport?

    ALSO HORRIBLE NEWS..... I discovered last few days, after trying to type in cold weather, it is IMPOSSIBLE after the keyboard or phone is subjected to cold weather... talking 15 below celcius.... It FREAKS out, erases, puts in weird symbols........ FING useless!!!!
    02-11-15 04:18 PM
  11. DJ BigToe's Avatar
    I find myself accidentally deleting text while typing.

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    02-11-15 05:03 PM
  12. Gazza12's Avatar
    Just gone 30 days and am still adjusting to no toolbelt.........Boring I know and I can see the eyes rolling in your collective heads but I think the trackpad would make this already brilliant device the ultimate.

    Only problems have been mentioned by others:
    Camera is disgusting. even my Bold camera was easier and faster to use.
    Keyboard wipe function is not uniform in sensitivity. Some days are better than others .
    Space bar IS very stiff.

    On the OS:
    Would love to be able to type straight into the calender to make an entry. Still reckon the BBOS5 had the BEST calender.

    Everyone that sees it is blown away as I reckon there are virtually none in Australia. I could have sold 10 or more in the first week.
    02-11-15 06:12 PM
  13. xBURK's Avatar
    Well, this is a strange one. The only time I have troubles is when sitting by my back door which happens to be solid metal. If I'm a few feet away, the keyboard is a nightmare to use. Every time I hit a key, it has a mind of its own. I'm going to find a door similar to it and see if it does the same somewhere.

    'BB POWERED' C001C1D66
    02-11-15 06:17 PM
  14. Blackberry Pisspoor's Avatar
    same here, i use the top button to turn on because the damn phone in my shirt pocket goes thru all kinds of menus and shed and tutorials because it was swiping itself on in my pocket... however, there is no lag time when i click to turn it on... i did not subscribe the BBM or whatever it is, i used the standard text message thing... but I hate how it takes four to five minutes to fwd a text message to 90 people in my text work group... some professional user downtown charlie brown phone... but my android note 2 would only send max of 10 texts! what a joke... so i went BB and i must say, the BB is not as user friendly... and the keyboard is USELESS in the cold... it operates by itself like its on drugs reading my fingers and erasing and typing weird symbols... totally useless in cold weather... I miss SWYPE....
    02-11-15 06:26 PM
  15. aha's Avatar
    No problem... still as good as new.

    Posted via CB10 with PassportSQW100-1/
    02-11-15 07:07 PM
  16. heartsthat's Avatar
    The notifications are not available to see in the main screen continusly, only for a while. I have to go to the hub then. I think it didn't happen with my BlackBerry q10 and 10.0.2

    Posted via CB10
    I agree, this totally happens to me too!! Is there a fix for this?
    02-11-15 07:24 PM
  17. Bobert_123's Avatar
    1) The silver blackberry logo on the back is turning a copper color.

    2) Permanent error displayed in hub
    So after months of use what are the problems you noticed with your passport?-img_20150211_203539.png

    Sent from my Passport
    02-11-15 07:41 PM
  18. heartsthat's Avatar
    To elaborate on the notifications disappearing on me: It's not the quick notifications at the top, it's the notification light. Usually when you get an incoming notification, the light will start blinking. However, I've noticed that after a while, the light stops blinking, although the notification was never tended to. I don't know how long afterwards the light stops blinking, but on my previous android phones the LED could blink the entire day if the notification was never addressed. I don't mean the light stops blinking after the screen has turned on. The light just stops blinking after a while even if the phone has been untouched for hours..

    Also, I've noticed my battery life has progressively gotten worse. I keep data on for the entire time I am awake, and I've noticed this has been more taxing on my battery life than when I originally got the phone.

    If anyone has any tips for the above two problems, please let me know via reply or DM. Thank you!
    02-11-15 07:46 PM
  19. sorinv's Avatar
    Seems to me that a lot of people experiencing reboot, freeze and slow swipe to wake problems run android apps.
    Who knows what Google does in the background once you give those apps permissions to your bank account, all your files, camera, mike and so on?
    02-11-15 09:21 PM
  20. ubizmo's Avatar
    Seems to me that a lot of people experiencing reboot, freeze and slow swipe to wake problems run android apps.
    That may be so, but the Passport, like all BB10 phones, is built to run Android apps! It's certainly not a "solution" to any problem to not use them. If the phone doesn't work right after running Android apps, then that's a problem that needs to be solved, not a user error.

    On that subject, I'll note that certain Android apps don't shut down properly and have to be killed from Device Monitor.

    I also experience the well-known slow focus problem with the camera, and consider that a fault that needs fixing.

    The slow start is there too, although it doesn't bother me, perhaps because I'm a slow starter myself.

    I still occasionally hit virtual characters by mistake with my left thumb when typing. This is user error, no doubt, but although I'm much better than I was when I first got the Passport, I haven't managed to avoid it entirely.

    There are still some OS enhancements needed, although I don't think they rise to the level of "problems." There's still no option to choose the sort order for browser bookmarks. I can't search for a number or any search string that starts with a number, from the Home screen, because the keyboard doesn't show numbers, and the virtual keyboard doesn't appear until after I've typed a letter.

    This is pretty minor stuff, really.
    02-12-15 08:58 AM
  21. Pcmx's Avatar
    Couple super tiny scratches on the screen, a little scuff on the back that took the rubber coat down to plastic, scratches on camera lens, bit of flex in the back where the cpu is, and last, I just did a security wipe as I'm not so sure I had proper control over all the apps I'd embraced from other sources; using one to fully close another, stuff running in the bg, multiple locks or freezes of other apps, or functions not working on touch, swipes not working, that sort of thing. All to be expected, I s'pose.. On another note, the battery is getting better and better and it still looks brand new! Not using any case on this one.
    02-12-15 11:25 AM
  22. Shashikantiyengar's Avatar
    There is a problem with proximity sensor. Does not work sometime.
    02-12-15 11:40 AM
  23. xBURK's Avatar
    There is a problem with proximity sensor. Does not work sometime.
    My brother had this problem and BlackBerry sent him a new device. Took five weeks though.

    'BB POWERED' C001C1D66
    02-12-15 10:47 PM
  24. farvardinzad's Avatar
    Great hardware but some glitches in the software (I have the latest official 10.3.1 version). For instance today my calendar started a countdown for no apparent reason. I watched as it went back to 1995. Then I stopped it and rebooted and the problem is gone for now. Really weird!

    Posted via CB10
    02-27-15 10:17 AM
  25. CrashHound's Avatar
    I have no issues with the phone build or quality in addition to the 10.2 software, since 10.3 there have been two notable issues: screen flickering and low notification volumes.

    As far as what I would improve on the phone, I would sacrifice a little screen space for a fourth row of keys, I do not like the virtual number/symbol keyboard, I think it breaks your typing rhythm up too much. I have small hands so maybe a nano of a inch narrower would work....lol
    02-27-15 01:57 PM
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