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    So from my previous post I was able to patch snapchat (via lucky patcher) and bypass the google play device not supported error message. Now the app loads but can't login. When I put in my username and correct password snapchat gives me a error message saying my login temp failed. When I click the link snapchat provides it says a possible error could be my google account isn't valid but its loaded correctly on my phone. Did I do a step wrong with the patching? (patched w/apk without license verification)

    Blackberry Passport model # - SQW100-3
    OS software -
    08-02-15 01:09 PM
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    It's just not possible.

    This is a copy of my post.

    Currently, to put it briefly as I'm so tired and can't remember the version numbers of the top of my head... There is no way to run snapchat if u use an older version and receive the error, (I can't remember the error exactly but it's about not being able to log on, giving you the impression of not being able to connect to the server), I believe it's that error over the version error. Once this error occurs, it seems that it becomes part of your account info on snapchat and it effects all future use on bb10 (*edit* I think this is untrue, keep reading). My proof is an account created recently that has never been subjected to any older versions error and will sign into casper but my original account brings back the error of needing to upgrade the app as the version is too old and not supported (this was fixed on updating Casper, again keep reading). Literally snapchat is a dead end and I've given up on it due to too much time invested in a true fix. Oddly enough it even began to be unable to install on my passport, both unmodified and modified version. Installation of Google play services and then modifying it to remove verification, also both of these done one at a time and then tested to see if one or the other or both are required has yielded no results as it will still not log in.
    Casper is a 3rd party Snapchat client.
    The only downside of casper is the swipe to the right to chat doesn't seem to exist. This could be because I'm using a relatively old version which I was advised to use but I don't have a choice. Personally snap10 was a much better client UI wise but snapchat will just lock u out of ur account when u use that, however casper is much more feature rich over many bb10 snapchat clients.

    Well I decided to do some testing and originally I was running 0.2.2 of Casper Since this was the version I was advised to use. I updated to version 1.0.3 of Casper and it works much better, but mostly importantly you can access your account as it will bypass the unable to log onto account because of software version. The chat feature is still not present but a message is presented to inform the user that the developer is working on creating it.

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK THOUGH AS I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF SNAPCHAT BLOCKING YOUR ACCOUNT (though usually they will email you and once you change your password you have access again).

    EDIT AS OF 08/07/2015. I have been using Casper for 6 days with a new account as a test and it has only toke around 5/6 days for Snapchat to detect that I have been using a third party app and continued use will see my account get blocked. I would advise against using Casper. Snapchat is currently a lost cause

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    08-02-15 01:39 PM
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    You stared another thread on the same topic????
    08-02-15 02:12 PM

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