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    Hi all, so I've been searching out a snapchat alternative for quite some time now, and have come up empty handed! Most of the apps out there either don't work at all on my passport, OR load ok, but have issues because of the camera and square screen. I have found an alternative, BUT.... (here's the rub!) 1. you can only share with friends from your facebook account, and 2. it is ONLY an android .apk (so all our iphone snapchat using friends cant use it). If these 2 issues are ok for you, then give the Flash App from facebook a try. The article below talks all about it and has the link to the apk as well. The interface is almost EXACTLY like snapchats..

    I had to be creative in my install, because it automatically tries to log you in via your facebook account, and so my login would always get hung. If you don't have this issue, you'll be fine. If you do, I used my hubby's android, logged into FB, installed the app, which then logged me in automatically. I created a username and password, and then logged out and deleted the app off of his phone. Then I was able to just download the app on my phone and manually log in with the username and password that I created! Hope it helps someone!

    Facebook has yet another Snapchat competitor, Flash, for emerging markets
    11-24-16 11:23 PM
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    Had this for a few weeks now, it's cool but in the end, it's still not Snapchat. There is no replacement for Snapchat when people want Snapchat.
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    11-25-16 01:12 AM

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