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    Every time I try to send a long SMS into turns automatically into this MMS
    This is a sample of the messages I sent daily :
    Dear Lobna, ****
    Kindly find 8 Nov.. Deployments:
    EAI: Update Fawry API to sync API on Fawry and EAI ends for Mobicash Donations & Utility project‎
    BSCS: change the service name Mobile PBX SNCODE (469) to :1)English : Virtual IVR-2_Arabic : Virtual IVR
    IVR: Enabling mobicash donations on Mobicash IVR********
    BSCS:update a rating package MTC charge to be 0.03/min instead of 0.03/sec.
    BSCS:*undim the service NTRA Routing on CX to be accessible for all CX users.‎
    EAI: Check correctly on the customers contract validity within 1 year or less instead of 2 years.
    My Apps:*Apply a Change in the logic which detects the eligible vouchers date and amount to guarantee that the customer would never miss any eligible voucher. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *‎
    IR:*Applying the latest patch for WFO in order to* fix major problems in the systems***********************************
    EAI: EAI:Creating new 1.25 GB extension and block the 1GB extension from the Mobinil channels
    ‎Cc: Madeeh, Hazem, Maged, Islam, & A. Otaify * * *

    Help will be extremely appreciated.

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    11-09-15 07:20 AM
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    Please continue in your original thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe.../#post12048757
    11-09-15 09:06 AM

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