04-27-16 07:42 PM
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  1. ReinGutierrez's Avatar
    If you ask me get the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

    I got mine 3 Days ago and I'm really happy with it. And I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge before.

    Both of the Devises look amazing. You should decide what you want.

    BlackBerry Passport SE looks Elegant
    BlackBerry Passport Original more Practical

    BlackBerry  Passport Silver Edition 
    04-27-16 10:14 AM
  2. OriginalLucy's Avatar
    I'm in the SE camp, it is very noticeable. I call it the Silver Slick, everyone asks me about it when I am out in a coffee shop or public space using it.
    04-27-16 10:21 AM
  3. BerrySoul's Avatar
    The SE is awesome!

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-16 10:27 AM
  4. Apple Aya's Avatar
    The OG has more lasting appeal I think especially the black. The white and red will definitely get more attention than the black or even the SE but, as others have already said, the SE does have the better keyboard.

    The SE is probably the best bet at the moment.
    04-27-16 11:28 AM
  5. kashief's Avatar
    I have an OG...I don't like the red one...white would be nice...but in my opinion, the SE is best.

    Posted via CB10 On My CrackBerry Passport
    04-27-16 01:25 PM
  6. kashief's Avatar
    Used all three and I totally disagree. AT&T variant wins in every department.

    Posted via CB10
    Ewww...not with all the rounded corners...

    Posted via CB10 On My CrackBerry Passport
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    04-27-16 01:26 PM
  7. deadcowboy's Avatar
    That's how I know you don't have a clue what you're talking about. The AT&T Classic is the exact same as any other black Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    It's absolutely not. At least not in my experience. The ATT version is a different model anyway, with the wireless charging built-in.

    Also, I think everyone else knows that you don't know what you're talking about, because the ATT Passport is the worst of the three designs.
    04-27-16 02:22 PM
  8. anon(8050899)'s Avatar
    ... Both phones are head turners and neck breakers. I think the SE will suite you just fine. I say go for it!

    Posted via CB10
    Eye catchers, head turners and neck breakers ;-)))

    Posted via CB10
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    04-27-16 02:24 PM
  9. kashief's Avatar
    The AT&T version looks like a beefier Classic/Q10 and the only thing I truly like about it is the wireless charging...

    Posted via CB10 On My CrackBerry Passport
    04-27-16 02:48 PM
  10. paolo73's Avatar
    I've got the red and now that a replacement BNIB red is basically impossible to source I've become paranoid about it getting damaged and I'm considering the SE as a daily driver, with the red kept safe at home. For me the SE is way more striking than the OG

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-16 05:04 PM
  11. ep1's Avatar
    I switch at the last minute and got the (SE) boy I hope i don't have that screen lift problem I been reading about is this a occasional thing more people have it
    04-27-16 05:30 PM
  12. xKingHopy's Avatar
    I like the OG because of the steel sharp corners I can use it to defend myself.

    Posted via CB10
    You can also defend yourself with the extra weight of the SE.
    One successful hit especially with the corner at the head by throwing your Passport = rip

    posted via CB10 on my Passport SE
    04-27-16 05:34 PM
  13. RoseBud68's Avatar
    it been noted that it comes up?
    Yes....On both the OG and SE. Do a search...
    04-27-16 05:37 PM
  14. ep1's Avatar
    Yes....On both the OG and SE. Do a search...
    04-27-16 07:42 PM
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