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    The Passport is a great phone and I bought it from a friend at BlackBerry. If you're angry with constructive criticism, keep those comments in mind.

    A few quick fixes for BlackBerry 10 with the Passport.

    1) capacitive keyboard. I've turned mine off as it was near impossible to type without causing random things -- delete especially -- to happen while typing. The sensitivity needs to be examined, along with the ease of deleting. Shouldn't be so easy to do accidentally.

    2) send icon location. I one-hand text using my left hand. It's impossible to send, though, as the icon is far right. It should be far left, as the enter key on the keyboard is far right and thus duplicates the send icon.

    3) animations. Bb10 still lacks polish with animations while typing. This is exacerbated on the PP because of the virtual predictive keyboard. My experience with animations on Android is far more seamless. This just feels dizzying.

    4) I often have to click on screen to get type to appear in the texting app. Why? It's the texting app. If I wanted to do anything else, that should require the screen click.

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    03-01-15 06:02 PM

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