09-14-15 07:04 PM
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    Edit: whoops sorry by mistake.
    09-13-15 11:04 PM
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    Black is for $425 and Silver is for $550 here in Lebanon. Oh forgot the Red version which is $490. To compare, an iPhone 6 16GB here is $625 while a Samsung GS6 is $440.

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    Man I wish I was in Lebanon. Need to find a Leb mate who's visiting that part of the world.

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    09-14-15 06:31 AM
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    Why don't you guys just leave Australia and come to the USA? You won't miss it too much.

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    I dunno. With Abbott gone it'll be interesting to see what comes to be. There are some things I miss about home and the US hasn't the monopoly on all things good.
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    09-14-15 07:04 PM
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