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    I have a Passport and my dad has an iPhone 6 (I'm in town for a bit). He gets 1 bar of ATT at the house in the same area where I'm often getting 3 or 4 bars (of ATT as well). Call quality and speakerphone quality are far superior. I can't even believe the reception strength. Shows how good the Paratek is. And the iPhones actually have higher radiation values than the Passport (which is even lower than other BB10 phones).

    I just wanted to throw this out there for people considering the Passport. It honestly wipes the floor with other phones. And you don't realize it till you hold one. You just need to like the idea of a hybrid keyboard.

    I have actually almost sold him on Blackberry after he saw how superior BeWeather and the native version of Bloomberg are compared to iPhone offerings (this is all he uses his phone for, app-wise besides normal phone stuff). I think I'll have him using a Classic once it's released.

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    Nice observation. I haven't seen much about this mentioned to date.
    10-09-14 10:42 AM
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    Nice observation. I haven't seen much about this mentioned to date.
    Right? It hasn't been noted in any of the countless reviews I've come across. I am consistently 2 bars higher than the iPhone 6.
    10-09-14 11:48 AM
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    My Q10 has better signal than my friends iPhone 6. This Passport has even better! It's wicked!

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    10-09-14 01:22 PM
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    I've heard iPhones often lie about their signal strength

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    10-09-14 01:23 PM
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    Right? It hasn't been noted in any of the countless reviews I've come across. I am consistently 2 bars higher than the iPhone 6.
    Because reviews nowadays aren't that much about the "solid quality" of a phone but much more about design, design, design and design. And of course, design. Just read The Verge.

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    Wifi signal strengths are not trustworthy. This is why for many years, signal reporting made no sense.

    Radiation is a transmit thing, signal strength is a receiver thing.

    The Base Station has much higher receive sensitivity to offset the lower phone tx power in marginal areas.

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    10-09-14 03:22 PM
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    Good post. You've just given me another primary reason to want the Passport: Larger, more business friendly screen, mostly hard keys rather than all virtual ones, great sound quality and strength via multiple methods from regular phone to speaker phone to conference calling, much stronger battery, the famous and greater BB security, and now, thanks to your post, the much improved signal strength. It is of course a very sturdy and beautiful, professional looking phone as well, but those are icing on the cake, not the cake. I won't be buying until I can see both the Passport and the Classic, but I haven't looked forward to a phone this much in many years.

    If the Passport turns out to work as well as it seems likely to, and there is a real market for it, small, of course, but growing, I would love for them to come out with a version of the Passport at some point that gives the option of a full and very large virtual screen like the iPhones and Galaxy's and such without the hard keyboard. Just dreaming. Even then I'd have to come to terms with losing the hard keyboard, but I would welcome that option from BB. The 4.5" width, but an even longer screen height, within the same size hard case, now that would be something.
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    10-09-14 03:48 PM
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    I thought the bloomberg app was an android port?

    Good news about paratek dominating iphone

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    10-29-14 08:10 AM

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