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    I was in a meeting the other day and had my phone on silent. Later on in the day I discovered that I had missed calls because I forgot to switch back to normal.

    When I was on Android, I had an app installed Shush! that would switch back after a determined amount or alert you that your phone is still muted.

    Meeting mode is not an option because I don't have to mute my phone for all meetings or I may mute when in the movies.

    Anything available for my beloved Blackberry?

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    01-08-16 08:54 PM
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    This is what I use. It may fit your needs:

    Check out Profiler in BlackBerry World! You can find it at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...ntent/46380891
    01-08-16 09:14 PM
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    This doesn't work. It's scheduled based, etc. Similar to PowerTools.

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    01-08-16 10:13 PM
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    It does location based profiling too. For most of what you described, the calendar would work well.
    01-08-16 10:22 PM
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    I go to see Star Wars. Set profile to Silent

    Movie ends, get home and have and I missed calls, email and texts because I didn't switch back to normal.

    Substitute Stars Wars with Church, unscheduled meeting, concert (vibrate profile)

    Did a search in the App World and Bquiet could be the answer but I read it has issues.


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    01-08-16 10:40 PM
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    You're still setting a time, which with the exception of an unscheduled meeting, could be set using the calendar or location quite effectively.
    01-08-16 10:46 PM
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    This is painful. I'll wait for other comments

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    01-08-16 11:07 PM
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    Really...this is a problem?! Just..remember.

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    01-09-16 12:11 AM
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    Why can't you install the same app on passport?

    Mia San Mia!
    01-09-16 12:39 AM
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    Can't you just set an alarm?

    01-09-16 12:41 AM
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    A colleague at work does this using the native calendar. His phone goes to vibrate during a meeting time only.
    01-09-16 12:44 AM
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    I guess everyone is not familiar with Shush. When you mute your phone, the app automatically pops up and ask for how long.

    You set it for a determined amount of time and your done.

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    01-09-16 12:51 PM
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    I guess everyone is not familiar with Shush. When you mute your phone, the app automatically pops up and ask for how long.

    You set it for a determined amount of time and your done.

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    I know exactly what shush is.

    Just a thought, try turning on bedside.
    Unless you don't look at your phone afterwards.
    As soon as you pull it out, you'll see the bedside clock. And than can exit bedside and go back to normal with out having to look at what the profile is set to.

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    01-09-16 06:53 PM
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    Interesting problem and not a lot of solutions. Any one of the apps does some of what you want but not all. That said check out some of them to see which works best. If these things are location based, the power tools will work to set you profile upon arriving or leaving. I believe that this can be set in the calendar as well based on the event. So meeting have a profile, vacation has a profile etc.... if not I know I have seen a calendar app that will do this.

    If you are not at risk of leaving your phone behind, then I would recommend using the the flip to silence mode. Placing your phone face down on a flat surface silences notifications. When you pick your phone up it back to where it was.

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    01-09-16 07:05 PM
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    Another thought, do you use a holster for your phone? You could set either the in or out of holster profile to silent. And placing your phone accordingly to meet your needs.

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    01-09-16 07:07 PM
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    Flip to silence sound promising, I will try.

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    01-09-16 08:21 PM
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    ...... I long press Q for silent, I don't have the forget problem as
    A) I can see on the hub that I have missed something
    B) I check my phone so much that I would notice the silent icon in the top left


    Passport SQW100-4
    01-09-16 08:54 PM
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    Until there is an automated profile setting option that will help us on those forgettable moments, we have no better choice than to make a habit of checking our phone whenever we finished attending a meeting, or after watching movies and/or after attending a mass... sooner or later, if you develop that habit, you will no longer needed that kind of option...

    We don't even need to open our phone... just check for the blinking red light...

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    01-09-16 10:40 PM
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    Flip to silence is a nice option I forgot, because I never use it.

    The app sounds good, but it's not much different, nor can I imagine much faster, than simply setting a calendar event, which when concluded will return your profile to the previous setting, should you forget.
    01-09-16 10:46 PM

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