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    I need some help understanding how to share contacts. If I open my contact app and long press on a contact I then select the option to share contact. I am then given the option to share via one of my email accounts (I have several), NFC, Bluetooth or WiFi Direct. There is no option to select BBM or SMS.

    I can compose a txt msg. And attach a Vcard as an attachment and that works.

    Why do I not have the option to share a contact via SMS or BBM from within my contact app?

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    03-01-15 11:00 AM
  2. Outrunner's Avatar
    I just read your post, then tried it for myself. I was able to share by BBM or SMS. So, first, what device and OS are you running, and was the contact a local one or from an app like Facebook or LinkedIn, for example?

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    03-01-15 11:09 AM
  3. northern-comfort's Avatar
    I am on 10.3.0. I am also on a corporate BES and I have balance enabled. My contact list is saved on the work server. I am suspicious this has something to do with policy set thru the BES even though I am trying to share when logged onto my personal space. Odd that I can still share directly thru my SMS and BBM apps?

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    03-01-15 11:13 AM
  4. Outrunner's Avatar
    I have no experience with BES and Balance, though I know what it is. From here, anything I say would likely be a, "you SHOULD be able to..." and "Oh really?" and therefore not much help. You're right though: kinda funny you can't share one way, but get around it as an attachment.

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    03-01-15 11:18 AM

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