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    Ok, I have a question regarding sending videos to text and email. I took a video, and the file was too big to send in text. I get that. So, I tried to send it as an email attachment, and it said file was too large. Is there anyway around that? Meaning, (not boasting about Apple) but why can I send a large file on the 6 plus, in an email, but not on my Passport? The phone does so many great things, and I feel secure on it. I can live without sending large files, I just wasn't sure if I'm missing something. Thanks guys.
    03-14-15 09:13 AM
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    If you have Dropbox Box Mega or OneDrive you can send the person a link from any of the above mentioned apps.
    Also BBM send files up to 12 mb a few more than regular text.
    There are also many video compression apps in BlackBerry World.
    Also there is an app in Snap called Send Anywhere, it's let's you send huge files, I've sent up to 800mb files to others and from my BlackBerry to my iPhone.

    All that's needed before sending the other party a files it for them to have and accept a 6 digit code that the app generates.

    PassportSQW100-1/ -Q10SQN100-5/ Posted via CB
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    03-15-15 05:27 PM

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