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    Apart from issues mentioned in the other post regarding phone numbers etc:

    I have found another backward step made with the new Adobe Reader.

    When typing from the home screen on the Bold 9900 a universal search is made of the entire phone. This included names and numbers in PDF files.
    The search would show the location of the details i.e. email attachment.
    This is no longer the case .PDF files are not included in the search.
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    01-18-15 03:45 PM
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    Well, considering BBOS never really had Adobe Reader...

    Still, you should give both Beta Zone and Adobe a shout. Not much we can do here when code has to be fixed.
    01-26-15 05:36 PM
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    Either way its a backward step. Adobe reader or not on BBOS. Call it a PDF reader then.

    I've noticed that if a phone number is sent via text,word doc or email it is lit in blue and can be dialled off that screen. Need that from the AR too.
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    02-18-15 05:10 PM
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    Better copy paste in the phone section now since but still no recognition of phone numbers in Acrobat docs.
    06-17-15 07:11 PM

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