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    The current screen protector I have looks awful on my Passport and it's actually getting on my nerves (i've also noticed that there are pieces of lint/dirt trapped in it) which show up on screen and bug the hell out of me. So i've been thinking about just running her naked, and as she will sit in a leather pouch, I am not too worried about scratches etc...

    So are screen protectors absolutely necessary on the Passport (since it supposedly carries GG3)? or is the GG3 just a gimmick? (I say this because pro-screen protector people argue that the glass still gets minor scratches)

    If you have 20 minutes in your day, please educate yourself with the following videos:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Begin rant:
    12-15-14 08:32 AM
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    Pro-screen protectors argue GG3 gets minor scratches?

    We don't argue. It's a fact that GG3 or any other glass short of sapphire will scratch very easily. I sold one Passport at a deep discount because of scratches on the glass. My wife developed scratches from putting it into her purse pocket. Sand-dust scratches it, no doubt.

    If you buy a crappy screen protector expect for it to lift and collect crap underneath.

    20 minutes saved.

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    12-15-14 09:13 AM
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    If you don't want one, don't use one.....

    If I spend $600 on a phone and a $10 screen protector can give me a little pieces of mind without performance being degraded... I'm going to do it.
    12-15-14 09:26 AM

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