03-02-17 04:22 AM
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  1. ariens's Avatar
    I have noticed that the screen of my BlackBerry Passport silver edition is lifting from upper left corner...I can clearly press it in...what is the solution for this??

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    08-08-16 03:08 AM
  2. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    Send it back for repair/replacement if warranty is still applicable.
    Otherwise, try this:

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    08-08-16 03:35 AM
  3. nappalonia's Avatar
    Mine is too and for the second time, I originally sent it in for repair under warranty about 7-8 months ago. I will not be taking the phone apart like they guy did in that link though, not brave enough for that. Not even sure if I want to waste time sending it back to BB for another repair.
    08-08-16 02:11 PM
  4. kkoo's Avatar
    OP has a raised edge at the top edge of the screen. I have the same situation on my Passport. Give it a little push and you can make it flush, but it will pop back out again. It's not too big of a deal in my case so I didn't exchange it.

    From my understanding the actual "screen lift" issue applies to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and it's more of a peeling behavior as compared to the raised edge we see on mine and ariens' units.
    08-08-16 02:31 PM
  5. andy957's Avatar
    There is a VERY long thread about this issue in this forum that was started by user dejanh when the phone first came out. Here's the link http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=975421

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    08-08-16 02:35 PM
  6. airbosn581's Avatar
    I have had my Passport now for just over two years. Last night I noticed that the screen was lifting on the bottom right-hand corner. Sending it back for repair at this stage of the game is not an option and attempting a repair on my own is not likely to happen. Is there any great problem with going for option three and doing nothing?? I guess the question I'm asking here is will the screen continue to lift all the way around and finally pop out or will the lift simply remain in the original spot. Personally, I'm not rough with my phone and most of the time keep it in a case. Any thoughts???
    08-11-16 10:14 AM
  7. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Phone repair is a business I am familiar with. Many phone develop screen issues like this over time. You should take it to a phone shop and have them reglue the screen. Your hardware store can't help you with the phone. This could be the time you send it to Vietnam for gold plating. Two birds...

    Sent from a Silver Passport.
    08-11-16 10:23 AM
  8. si001's Avatar
    Got mine sent to BlackBerry under warranty a while ago.

    Leaving the screen lifted....i would be worried about dust getting in there and all over the screen.

    Without warranty I would take it to a repair shop.

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    08-11-16 10:44 AM
  9. Maimone's Avatar
    My screen is also slightly lifted in the top left corner, I can touch the edge. Nothing that concerns me much but it's still one of the downsides of this device.

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    08-11-16 12:46 PM
  10. MB64's Avatar
    That's a shame to hear so many complainants about the same issues. This was one awesome phone for me. Luckily I never had issues with the several that I had. Maybe I didn't keep them long enough to have those problems.

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    08-11-16 06:34 PM
  11. Dmitry Kisselyov's Avatar
    Lower right corner lifted today (one year and nine months of usage).
    09-12-16 03:17 PM
  12. Adif_701's Avatar
    I had the issue and returned it to BlackBerry as I had purchased direct. Then went to by an OG again as this was my second Passport. No issues on the OG

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    09-12-16 03:27 PM
  13. David Hollister's Avatar
    The lower right lifted on mine and I discovered that the chassis was slightly twisted.

    Look along the edge and twist the phone and you will see the screen drop back flush.

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    09-13-16 03:21 AM
  14. Maimone's Avatar
    I heard a little noise the other day while taking my PPSE out of the pocket... after that I noticed that the screen was perfectly aligned with the frame where it was previously lifted (upper left corner)... and now the lifting issue seems to have moved to the upper right corner lol, but it's even less perceivable than before.

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    09-13-16 03:20 PM
  15. S1lv1o's Avatar
    Could you show an image of this screen, obviously taken with another device? How many mm does it stand out?
    09-13-16 06:00 PM
  16. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Sent from a Silver Passport.
    09-13-16 06:56 PM
  17. jbarrack's Avatar
    I keep seeing threads about screen lift. How much lift are we talking? I feel that the top of the screen is ever so slightly higher than the metal frame, but I'm not sure I'd call it "lifted".

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    09-13-16 07:38 PM
  18. Adif_701's Avatar
    Mine was about 1/2 to 1mm up in top right corner. But it was enough to feel sharp edge of glass when rubbing finder over and when pressed would stay down for a few minutes then lift again. So basically a glue issue?
    Anyway just was something I could not accept on a phone.
    I am one to defend BlackBerry where I can but in this case I could not.

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    09-13-16 07:55 PM
  19. jbarrack's Avatar
    Well judging by the above post I guess I have screen lift? But it really doesn't effect the usage of the device at all. It's just an annoyance to know you have it guess. Are a lot of people's SEs out there fully flush with the metal frame?

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    09-13-16 08:32 PM
  20. Yuzry Yusoff's Avatar
    I had put a glue each of the edge on my Passport.Works like a charm...lol

    Posted via Blackberry Priv STV100-3
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    09-13-16 10:12 PM
  21. Maimone's Avatar
    Could you show an image of this screen, obviously taken with another device? How many mm does it stand out?
    This is how it looked when the lifting was in the left corner... you can see some dust on the edge.

    Screen lift issue-lift.jpg

    I cannot take a decent picture of how it is right now but it's hardly visible to the naked eye... I just feel the edge with the fingertip a bit.

    It's not a problem.
    09-14-16 10:37 AM
  22. jbarrack's Avatar
    Just out of curiosity, how long have you noticed that? Has it gotten worse over time or has remained about the same?
    09-14-16 01:14 PM
  23. Zeratul57's Avatar
    It's a non issue. Lots of PP have that slight raise on the left or right felt with a finger nail.

    Sent from a Silver Passport.
    09-14-16 01:23 PM
  24. jbarrack's Avatar
    Yeah I didn't even notice it until i stumbled upon this forum. Its so slight on mine that I may have never noticed it.
    09-14-16 02:35 PM
  25. Adif_701's Avatar
    If it's there and you know about it, it will always bother you. At least that's how I felt. Like buying a new car with a small bump in the side body panel. You can pretend it's not there. But for me I had the option of returning and I did just that.

    Posted via CB10
    09-14-16 03:17 PM
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