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    I don't have a screen lift issue... but I was using the passport and the way I used the keyboard/held the phone struck an idea to me on screen lift cause. Just sharing the idea to see if it is pausible...

    First I haven't heard of other phones having "screen" lift issues, and secondly, I haven't heard of another phone with a keyboard/sized like the blackberry. Because of the size of the phone, people have to type with two hands normally, that means when you hold it and type with thumbs, so when you type, the palms press the edge of the phone down, and the fingers on the back supporting phone are pressing the center of phone up. Think this pressure is enough to force the frame to "warp" a little and thus lift the screen? If the frame is a "single" piece, the force would be transferred through the entire frame too so when the keyboard is pressed, part of the force goes up to the top of the frame where the screen is. Think of it how you would split something open with your hands.

    I don't use the keyboard much, or when I type I have it flat on table and just peck it with index finger, or I hold it with my left hand wrapping it entirely from back and type using right index finger. Rarely do I type with both thumbs. Plus my thumb can reach from one side to the other so I can really type with one hand (slow but possible)

    might be why blackberry claims there isn't a design issue? because it is pretty solid, and they may not test all the different ways people hold the phone while typing on the keyboard?

    I've had other blackberry/palm phones but those are smaller so even when held the same, I couldn't put as much pressure on the frames just due to lack of leverage from size/contact area.

    att passport has an extra chin which might move the pressure of palm down slightly (so there's fewer cases of screen lift with att model?)

    think of the apple as your phone and see how I mean when the hand position might be similar to how people hold passport to type?

    edit: and if pausible, people could be careful on how hard they press on phone to avoid it?
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    08-23-15 02:49 AM
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    im not sure how you can possibly push the center up, i just have the phone laying on my fingers when i type, i dont push it up lol...
    08-23-15 03:17 AM

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