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    Well friends. I have had my passport since the first day it was available in the UK.

    Today I noticed that the screen is detaching. Has anyone had this issue?

    I have been quite forgiving with BB (10+ yr user) but this one is really a showstopper
    01-12-15 11:43 AM
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    01-12-15 11:49 AM
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    May I add one of the originals.


    It's a known issue, but also one that hasn't been recognized by BlackBerry as a systematic defect. It's likely related to the torsional stresses the device undergoes because of its width, inadequate adhesive, and poor manufacturing tolerances. Newer devices (built after the initial 200K) have tightened up some of the manufacturing tolerances so the screen fit to the frame is better and the subsequent surface area of adhesion is higher.

    If you have a good enough camera, could you post a picture or two so we have your case documented as well? Also, could you check if your device has any torsional twist around the Y axis?

    You can see an example of the subtle torsional twist in the first post of the thread here http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...pocket-989492/.

    I will try to forward this to the right people at BlackBerry to support what I've already raised to their attention.

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    01-12-15 11:55 AM
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    Thanks for your reactions and sorry for not having found the previous posts.

    Right upper corner and left bottom corner were indeed lifted. I have just twisted them back with some force and the screen has fallen back into place again. Obviously it is no longer well attached but at least it doesn't stick out anymore in the right bottom corner. This settles it for me for now (warranties have expired anyway).

    Main thing I learned from this is to be a bit more patient when buying a newly released phone.

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    01-12-15 06:29 PM

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