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    I guess this is a complicated question but I would like to know if there are some tips that are recommended to take in order to make this AMAZING battery keep on working as it does now on its first days of use.


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    02-08-15 09:40 AM
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    Charge your phone when it's only below 20% and don't use it while charging until it's fully charged(100%). Don't over charged too. Hope this help ya!

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    02-08-15 10:15 AM
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    Lipo/Liion technology is fine charging before you get sub 20%. In fact it's preferred. The only benefit to low discharging is allowing the OS to see how much power is really available as the battery voltage drops. For normal operation I'd charge as soon as I approach 20% or above. Running it low isn't going to damage it much in the long run but I wouldn't be running every charge to 10% or below. Perhaps just once or twice to help the phone calibrate.

    Keeping a tab on the app manager every once and a while keeping an eye out for apps that are bugged out and sucking down juice is a good idea.

    Charge when you can but don't run it low every time. Lipo batteries last longest in the half charged range (3.7-3.9v). Under this voltage they start to experience (albeit at a very slow rate) degradation. Also Lipos at full charge suffer degradation. This degradation we are talking about is in tenths of 1%. If you are storing your phone for a long time it is best to do so at 40% (around 3.7-3.8v). This is the same voltage/charge that these phones ship from the factory as they can sit on a shelf for several months before being sold.

    Of course this is all a rough guideline for charge/voltage ranges. It would be an interesting project to see what % = voltage.

    I use lipo batteries for my radio control hobbies. These guidelines are well understood and accepted by people within the hobby. Keeping our lipos in tip top shape is important when a single battery can cost into the triple digits.

    The passport screen not being AMOLED (like the Z30) won't save much power by using the black apps and screens. The biggest battery saver I'd say it using just enough backlight brightness so that you can see without maxing it out. The screen can be on par with the amount of power the processor and other hardware use so minimizing screen power draw is key.

    If the power saver feature in 10.3.1 doesn't hamper your ability to use the phone it will likely save a small amount of power. The issues with running the power saver all the time (which I would expect to drop processor clock speed, along with brightness and other aspects) is that just because you've dropped the processor speed to save power it then is going to take longer for it to complete those tasks. That said I'm sure it saves some power BUT for someone already running a low backlight setting it might not be as significant.
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    If your interested the escreens will show you the battery voltage as I just discovered. Looks like they use a LiCo chemistry as the max charge voltage is 4.35v not 4.2v

    Here is a little reading if your interested. We can't really change any of the charge parameters as far as I know but this is interesting none the less as these types of batteries become more frequent in our daily lives.

    Little bit of LiCO info

    Next time I charge I'll check the battery voltage and see if we can guess the number of cycles we can get out of it.
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    Alright so I took the time to check the voltage cutoff for the Passport.

    It seems to die completely around 3.0-3.1v which is discharging very low. Around the 10% mark is in the 3.5-3.6 range which is a perfectly healthy range to discharge to.That said it is acceptable to discharge down to 10% and I don't imagine there would be any significant loss of capacity at that level. I personally wouldn't go any lower than 10% unless I was absolutely required. Getting it on the charger between 10-20% is best for longevity.

    When charging do your best to remove it once it reaches 100% due to the degradation factor of storing fully charged Li-tech batteries. 100% won't likely be a full 4.35v unless it is left on the charger for some time after it reaches 100%. This is because the OS signals 100% before it reaches the charging voltage cutoff and also because li-tech batteries charge rate slows as it approaches maximum capacity.
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