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    I bet 90% of sales lost for BlackBerry are at the carrier stores... a serious problem that no amazon product can change. It's all perception of past bbs at this point.
    Agreed. Last year I took my daughter (who has a Z10 like me) in to a carrier store to show her how the Z30 was different, and a pushy young employee tried to convince her to forget the BlackBerry and switch to a Sammy handset, even though BOTH of us were obviously BB fans. How many potential buyers that a BB would have been perfect for got talked into an Android device? Probably enough to leapfrog Microsoft in device sales.
    03-03-15 11:11 AM
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    He clearly had no idea as to the power of the phone, so I began my walk-through with him I first explained to him that the flickering was a software issue and it was being addressed soon then I proceeded to show him the swipe down for the numbers and symbols keys and he was amazed, I continued with the Hub and color coding of accounts, reader mode in the browser etc. I was there with him for 40mins! I sold him when I told him the phone supported wireless charging and showed him how to use the phone as a drive as he mentioned he was a grad student and needed that ability but wasn't aware the Passport could do this. At this point he decided to keep it.

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