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    Since the beginning of the cell phone industry I've always been looking for a phone that fits me. I've tried many style, brands and os.

    Finally I've found my true match, the Passport!

    Unfortunately the rest of the world decided to go another way; cheap, simple minded and lazy.
    Because of the hard situation BlackBerry is in, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google drop their apps. Crucial to the cell phone industry to have these apps in an OS these days.

    All I ask is that BlackBerry integrate the social media account in their Hub. So that we can still communicate with our costumers, family and friends.

    Save my phone!-img_20160512_180856.png

    That's the key element that makes BlackBerry still worth investing in.

    Be Smart - Be Bold - Be True

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    05-12-16 09:08 PM
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    I feel you brother, but there's no stopping this now, BlackBerry's hardware department will be lucky enough to see this year through. BB10 is definitely not getting anymore love, and many loyal users have left the ship, the only thing getting updates on BB10 is the goddamn amazon appstore....

    My suggestion is that BlackBerry needs to give the SE and others an android OS, BB10 is sinking day by day, and the SE is barely a year old, it definitely deserves more love than this.
    05-12-16 09:37 PM

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