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    With samsung using BlackBerry security in their phones soon, does that mean they're just as secured?

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    02-02-15 11:58 PM
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    With samsung using BlackBerry security in their phones soon, does that mean they're just as secured?

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    Not unless they're on BES12 lol. It doesn't really extend to Samsung devices unless BES12 is involved.

    With BES12 and Samsung KNOX, customers can take advantage of the following benefits:

    • An integrated solution that brings together the secure connectivity and class-leading device, applications and data management capabilities BlackBerry is known for together with the security features embedded in Samsung Galaxy devices.
    • Android security enhancements that reduce threats that bypass application security mechanisms while minimizing damage from flawed applications.
    • Complete separation of business and personal data for uncompromised corporate security and employee privacy.
    • A series of core security enhancements to better protect device integrity from kernel to apps.
    • Enhanced user experience Workspace for a more flexible approach for enterprise deployment.

    Availability is expected in early 2015. Samsung will resell BES12 to joint customers and BlackBerry will offer KNOX support as part of the Gold family of BES12 subscriptions. Pricing will be announced upon availability.
    “BlackBerry has developed a very close partnership with Samsung and we’re committed to deepening the interaction between our engineering and product development teams for the long-term,” said John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry. “It is a natural progression in our path to providing our customers with more alternatives to meet their evolving mobile needs. Samsung KNOX offers a number of hardware and software security features and our partnership allows us to tightly integrate these capabilities with BES12.”
    02-03-15 12:13 AM

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