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    Our company runs at the moment some tests with Blackberry Passports (and maybe the Classic when it's availble).
    We found one issue which is critical for us. Our company policy is to encrypt some emails with 256bit AES. We selected in BES 10 Cloud only AES256, but all Passports (running use AES128 and don't have the option to change the algorithmus. I even upgraded one Passport to, which gave me the option to use PGP, but I still cannot select AES256.

    Do you have any ideas on that? Is it the same with other devices on that OS version?

    Thanks for your help.
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    11-10-14 05:27 PM
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    Sounds like a legitimate support question. Does your organization not have BlackBerry support?

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    11-10-14 11:07 PM
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    We have the same issues with BBOS10 devices and BES!2, if we sent a mail from a desktop user using Outlook2013 or OWA it arrives on the Passport/Q10/Classic as AES256 if I then reply to this it sent it in AES128. Have you in the Meantime found a solution to this problem as I'm working on this with Blackberry support for over 2 weeks now and still no resolution.
    01-23-15 07:33 AM
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    For Anybody reading this thread having the same issue,

    In order to use AES-256 CBC with BBOS 10.3 or higher devices you will need to have S/MIME Capabilities included in the certificate ( RFC4262 ). Within a Windows based PKI this is easy to add to the S/MIME template, but it is seen as obsolete in many other PKI environments. So make sure you have this option included when AES-256 is needed.
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    01-30-15 11:29 AM

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