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    As title states, I've been getting charged through my carrier, on a monthly basis, data roaming charges. Basically I commute between two countries on a daily basis and every time I'm in the neighboring country, I'm getting charged data roaming charges. Of course, I'm very careful with my phone data settings and I travel a lot and I've never had this issue except with this one country (Bahrain). I actually have a local line in Bahrain which I use so there is absolutely no need to use any data on my main phone.

    At first, I would set my "Data services while roaming" to prompt, that did not work and I got charged. So I then set my "Data services while roaming" to off which also didn't work and I got charged! I approached my carrier (Mobily KSA), who are completely clueless about pretty much everything, and their first reaction? "Oh it's a BlackBerry, it works differently" Of course I didn't buy the crap he was spewing and he suggested another stupid idea, which was to turn off location services. I did, and guess what? That also did not work as I got charged once again! I decided to take it even a step further and completely turn off "Data services" - that also did not work as more data roaming charges trickled in.

    My data roaming charges bill basically look like this on my bill, like small little equal charges, as if something is pinging. Below is an example taken directly from my last month Bill:

    Date Time Amount used Cost (SAR)
    27 Mar 16 06:15 30720 0.24
    27 Mar 16 06:33 30720 0.24
    27 Mar 16 06:35 30720 0.24
    27 Mar 16 06:36 30720 0.24
    27 Mar 16 07:09 30720 0.24
    27 Mar 16 07:10 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:18 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:29 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:38 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:39 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:42 30720 0.24
    31 Mar 16 11:42 30720 0.24

    Typically those little equal charges would go on and on with the occasional spike of 8.00 SAR and some higher ones such as 12.00 SAR, etc. When a nice weekend is all done, I would have collected at least 25-40 "lines" of those charges! Keep in mind that even at one point I would keep my phone at home in the Bahrain with wifi on to see how it would change, and nothing...more charges. As it stands I'm averaging approximately 20-40 USD per month on data roaming charges and I don't use my phone.

    This is an extremely bizarre scenario and I have no idea how to resolve it and my carrier cannot do a thing. As of last month I've decided to take it to the extreme and I put my phone on airplane mode when I enter Bahrain and after checking just now, there seems to be 0 charges since April 1, which indicates that it is working, but really..is this the only solution? At this point I'm not even sure who to blame, whether Blackberry or my local carrier or Bahrain's carrier.
    04-10-16 01:04 AM
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    Might be that the network is trying to push something to your phone and charging you for it? You could always put your SIM in a non-data phone and see what happens. I'm probably wrong, but it sounds vaguely plausible to me.

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    04-10-16 03:43 AM
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    Pay attention to the carrier which your phone connects to.

    The Passport recognizes roaming when it switches to a different carrier than what the SIM card is set for.

    Also if you have turned off all data, you should be able to check and see in the phone if any data has been transferred. If the phone shows no data transferred than your carrier is screwing you over.
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    04-10-16 07:57 AM
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    I went though this a few years ago when traveling to India. Some wireless carriers automatically charge for data, to a non carrier phone. Its a scam and after much complaining and going to my carrier in the states with multiple screen shots, it went away.

    04-10-16 08:38 AM
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    Just checked my data Roaming consumption for last month when I got hammered on my bill and I've only used less than 300kb for the entire month!

    I'm just not understanding what's the point of having the option to turn off data Roaming when the carrier can still charge you.

    Roaming Data Leak (long post)-img_20160410_170525.png

    For this month, with no visible charges, I've used half that data of last month.

    Roaming Data Leak (long post)-img_20160410_170744.png

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    04-10-16 09:07 AM
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    They can not charge you roaming charges for data that's not roaming data. And they can not charge you for anything over what you used for roaming.

    Tell them you have screen shots of you data and you'd like to speak to a manager.

    Posted via CB10
    04-10-16 11:57 AM

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