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    Hi all, does anyone know how to change the length of the ringtone on the passport?

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    01-13-15 10:53 AM
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    Hi all, does anyone know how to change the length of the ringtone on the passport?

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    If you mean to change, increase or decrease, the play time of the audio file you have for the ring tone, then you will need an audio editing program on a computer.

    If you mean to change the number of times your phone will "ring" before the call is transferred to voice mail, that is generally set by your cell carrier, contact them to see what needs to be done to change it.

    Otherwise, the play length of a ring tone is directly related to the duration of the event that invokes it.
    If your phone will only ring five times, or for a total duration of 10 seconds, then a 10 second or longer audio clip will play a maximum of 10 seconds.
    If the clip is 5 seconds long, it will loop twice, and so on.
    01-13-15 11:02 AM
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    Thanks, I'm only getting about 5 seconds played for all my different notifications, it's not the audio files I'm using, never had this problem with my other blackberry phones

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    01-13-15 11:12 AM
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    Why ask the same question twice ???


    I realise that you are new on here, but duplicate threads add nothing to the Forum.
    01-13-15 11:13 AM
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    Sorry, didn't realise the other thread had loaded, it was taking ages to load so I clicked of it, thinking it would cancel it

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    01-13-15 11:19 AM
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    Please restrict your question to one thread only. http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...ssport-990202/

    01-13-15 11:34 AM

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