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    If Blackberry make tools not toys, one key problem with reviews is that the reviews are never done by craftsmen/craftswomen. What I mean is, you make a tool for a carpenter, instead of a carpenter reviewing it, it gets reviewed by someone who has interest in an abstract way about whether a regular person should/would buy this thing. So they'd talk about whether it would fit in a pocket, or whether you can use it to spread butter on bread.

    What I'd be far more interested in is reviews by professionals using it. How are teachers/salespeople/small business owners/nurses/engineers etc etc finding their Passport. A review from a profession specific perspective would be invaluable as it's not designed to be a phone for all, it's designed to be a tool for professionals.

    I'm a teacher in a small university, the screen makes reading books better than any smartphone experience I've had. I can also read and comment on papers far better than on, say, an iPhone. The keyboard, after a three day learning curve, is meaning that my communication, in which typos are maybe more embarrassing than for some other people, is kept to a minimum. The battery life means that I can have Skype meetings long into the night with distance students. Blend means that while I'm at my computer all day, I don't have to leave the computer, and thereby my concentration, to respond to bbm's and texts.

    I could go on and on. Of course no one is "just" their profession, and so we also need high end camera (check) good speakers for listening to podcasts (check) wide app selection and social media integration (check) and so on. But I'df be very interested in reading from other people, how, in their profession, the "tool" that is the Blackberry passport is being used.

    The only problem I'm having (and here's my question) is there a way in Docs to Go in which I can see comments added to a Word document? I see the initials of the comment adder, but can't see the comments themselves. I know on office 365 for windows phone this is possible. But I'm not sure there any app on my passport that can do this. The Android selections from amazon, are, in my opinion, not as good as docstogo and I have tried sideloading office 365 for android but with no luck. Any suggestions?
    09-27-14 02:49 PM
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    for the doc app you can try thing one as i think it does what you are asking about

    10-03-14 09:32 AM
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    I use it to manage 18 unionized staff running a 24-hour government contractor and non-profit.

    Scheduling, emails, texts, BBM and what's app are all used by different staff. However they pretty much stick with emails and texts when talking to me.

    I have two work email accounts (no vpn) and I rarely have to use a computer to communicate or conduct business.

    It handles conference calls like a DREAM whether it's short meeting of a dozen people around a table to brain storm and 'synchronize watches' or with clients and service providers.

    What I like about blackberry is that I tell people to speak softly because the phone is quality and the convos go great! No more yelling at a nortel phone trying to talk over the group/person on the other end. The passport is a noticeable upgrade in this respect.

    My organization uses iphones, I use my own phone and they sub my bill. Usually after a group call over speaker is finished, I see at least one manager look at their iPhone curiously, sadly when the call is over and I pack up or notes and things (read: put my phone in my pocket) and leave before the others are even halfway through putting their hand written notes away into their planners.

    I keep a union contract, provincial labour code, three service contracts and 9 prices of legislation and policy on my phone for reference. Needless to say, I usually my options to a problem before people trying to navigate their documents in various forms (hard copy, hand notes, computer tablet or iphone). To me it seems like my colleagues don't really even see their iphones as actually work tools and more like company subsidized life-gadgets.

    Never fails though, between all the departments and what not working there, everyone seems to periodically forget I have a blackberry and always ask me if I like it.....

    Maybe that just my crazy public sector work place though.

    It's not like I'm checking an x-ray for bullet fragments, or pompously showing off my phone while determining the sex of an unborn child to expecting parents... but the none-the-less... work gets done in spades on my phone.

    I also use it as a USB stick, which is more handy than I you think.

    I also enjoy not having to wonder the halls and offices like a starving zombie begging for a charger.

    Passport || Fido
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    10-04-14 04:38 AM

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