10-05-14 01:02 PM
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  1. miketko's Avatar
    nice sweater bro
    09-26-14 08:40 PM
  2. Larzm's Avatar
    This review has to be a joke.

    Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w
    I agree.
    09-26-14 08:41 PM
  3. stealthbob's Avatar
    Could we have been Trolled?


    Next up a Classic "Rick Roll" lol
    09-26-14 08:50 PM
  4. sfor13thlegion's Avatar
    Attachment 300811

    Had to attach it to this thread too, just to be the embodiment of boring

    Posted via CB10
    Omfg...that's awesome. thanks for the chuckle!!!

    Posted via CB10
    09-26-14 08:56 PM
  5. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    The funniest is just reading the comments on youtube. Almost every commenter has put this jack-*** in his (/her???) place...
    D3C0D3R likes this.
    09-26-14 09:53 PM
  6. Kris Erickson's Avatar
    I enjoyed the part where he said that the phone is heavier due to increased size of battery that is supposed to get you 30hrs of life, but to be honest I haven't had the phone for that long... WHAaaaa ! No wonder you have no clue on how to swipe etc..
    09-26-14 10:47 PM
  7. JottyT's Avatar
    Monstrosity? Dude needs to look at his sweater in the mirror. It looks like he took my old bath mat and cut a couple arm holes in it.
    His sweater looks like something out of the 80's or grungy 90's. It should at least have some nice scenery on it like a cottage or log cabin.
    09-26-14 11:48 PM
  8. theegoldenone's Avatar
    His sweater looks like something out of the 80's or grungy 90's. It should at least have some nice scenery on it like a cottage or log cabin.
    AKA.........the Cosby Collection
    09-27-14 02:31 AM
  9. guygardner73's Avatar
    So i've seen a lot of mixed reviews today and yesterday but none have came close to this one.

    What a goddamn tuckfard. Really? I think he's the embodiment of a Tango Whiskey Alpha Tango! What an embarrassment to bald people everywhere! For the first time in my life, i'm embarrassed to be bald.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    09-27-14 03:09 AM
  10. John Meredith's Avatar
    I want to know who sent him the damn phone? Probably Phones4U ... they used to send me Blackberry phones and I had an Android website!
    09-27-14 03:17 AM
  11. H4zN's Avatar
    Did you guys know that Louis CK is a long time BlackBerry user? And that he hosts a radio show called Opie & Anthony? We should work out something as a community and reach out to those guys to do a part on this ignorant Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Foxtrot. These guys would tear him apart for longer than an hour. I'm pretty serious about this, it's gonna be hilarious!

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-14 03:31 AM
  12. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    an ad hominiem attack on his review isn't going to help much now is it?

    Its an opinion you are going to hear a lot of. How much consequence you assign to it is up to you though. Personally I take on board what he says, as I think that will be the popular reaction to this phone.Will it change what I want to do ? no.
    Monstrosity? Dude needs to look at his sweater in the mirror. It looks like he took my old bath mat and cut a couple arm holes in it.
    09-27-14 04:02 AM
  13. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    because he didn't say what you want to hear?A word of advice, if you want to get angry every time someone posts negative on the passport you are going to be very busy for a while I reckon. I wouldn't let it bother you. I don't care what he thinks, and I don't feel threatened by it enough to criticise his dress sense at length like some here.Unfortunately, he is expressing what will most likely be a popular initial reaction to this phone so I'd get used to hearing stuff like this. I don't agree with what he's said. And if someone watches this 1 review and says ' oh well i had better not get it' then that's their own lookout.

    He's had it a short while, and put forward an initial reaction. There will be a lot of people for whom this is what they want to know. Because they will try it, be unable to cope with the design of the phone and the OS and want to be able to take it back before its too late. For some he's EXACTLY the right person to do such a review. He obviosly likes iphones, like a great many people. This wasn't for blackberry fans I think.

    This is a perfect example of what is all too common. The people doing these reviews are just not the right people to be doing reviews of anything. Maybe they are biased, maybe they are ill-informed, or maybe they're just inexperienced with the device.

    The tech correspondent on my local news channel was doing a review of IOS7 after it was released and he hadn't even installed it on his device at the time of the review. This fact came up during his report as he stuttered through some publicized features. He was asked by the anchor why he hadn't installed. He stammered a little and then said he just didn't have time.

    Unacceptable. He was reviewing a long anticipated and highly publicized update to the firmware of one of the most popular Devices in the world and he didn't bother to upgrade and play around with it before giving a scheduled review.

    Rant over.

    Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w
    09-27-14 04:11 AM
  14. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    innovation and gimmickry. Its a fine line. Where the passport is on this line is subjective I guess. And he did give recognition to its uniqueness - he said he 'kind of liked' the shape and that it attracted people's attention around 1.53.
    I always thought innovation was valued. Sure, not all innovation's the same, but I'd hope someone would at least give recognition to the fact that they innovated here...

    I mean sure, even I am a bit unsure about how I feel about Passport, but if there's one thing that it's not, it's boring. If anything, it may be way too quirky to be of wide appeal, but not boring.
    09-27-14 04:14 AM
  15. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    Not at all. I have a macbook, and i owned an iphone 4 years back. Can't stand the firm. Frankly I'd say from reading various forums, there are rabid fan boys yes, much the same as here on CB. You know the types - the ones who take a criticism of the latest phone their beloved company has released as if they have just made a 'mom' gag.

    However, as far as Apple users specifically are concerned, have a look and you will see there are a great deal of people who are not impressed with Apple's method of covering up and suppressing issues with their devices rather than addressing them, unless forced into it publicly. For example, the iphone 6 does NOT bend. remember that

    In every fan site, the fanboys drown out the adults talking, and if I've heard that hackneyed phrase 'drinking the cool aid' in lieu of a proper argument once I've heard it a thousand times. That's a fact of life , as true on an apple site as it is on CrackBerry sadly.

    Let's face it everyone who has apple loves apple. It's called drinking the kool aid, if blackberry came out with a cure for cancer someone would say how the medicine tastes like garbage. However if apple puts water in a glass apple freaks stare at it like its the most amazing thing they've ever seen. When people see my Q10 and say "wow that phone is from the stone age" I say "yeah its not for everybody" and usually they are taken back by it and want a futher explanation.
    09-27-14 04:23 AM
  16. JRF_1986's Avatar
    You gotta watch it to know what it is. The more the better, even though that video is click-bait

    Posted via CB10
    I just watched it and all I can say is I lmao for almost the whole vid! This guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about! If he would've used BB10 for a bit he would've seen to unlock it all you need is a swipe up lol

    And all the memes being posted are just perfect lol

    Posted via CB10 on my Q10
    09-27-14 07:39 AM
  17. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Don't know think he has some solid points. The 3 rows of keys looks so minescule and it comes at the cost of real estate. also his point about screen real estate and web-pages looking wierd runs along the lines of my thinking. But on quite a few subjects he didn't give the phone an honest chance
    09-27-14 07:44 AM
  18. needforbbx's Avatar
    LOL this phone was not meant for him ... "It's a phone completely for work. It's really good at e-mails."
    09-27-14 09:10 AM
  19. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Are we surprised the public has this view of a new BlackBerry?
    09-27-14 09:14 AM
  20. scmcc16's Avatar
    I stopped watching after 1 minute.... This guy is a complete tool... Enough said... NEXT!
    09-27-14 09:36 AM
  21. stealthbob's Avatar
    Are we surprised the public has this view of a new BlackBerry?
    Not really but when you put yourself on a podium in the guise of a being Tech Expert there is an elevated level of expectation.

    This was not some guy in his basement talking about it...that is one thing (although I can only assume he lives in his mothers basement...but I digress). This guy has an audience who is assuming that they can make an informed opinion based on his thoughts after a full in depth test of the device which obviously was not completed in this case.

    I don't necessarily mind negative reviews, so as long as they are coming from an informed position. This ...achem..."review" was about as informed and in depth as if someone walked in off the street picked it up off the display and then start talking about it.
    09-27-14 09:49 AM
  22. Larzm's Avatar
    The problem is first off calling this a "review". If he actually gave a good go with the phone and didn't like it fine, it's not for everybody. But he didn't even mention the specs of the phone, or talk about blend or test out the call quality to see what that is like. In fact I didn't see him do anything that you would or should do if you are going to call your video a phone review.

    I mean he was talking about how websites would look all weird on the Passport. Fine okay show us then. Pick up your IPhone and the Passport and go to some websites and show people what you mean by this. But he cant even be bothered to do that. There is absolutely no effort in this "review" at all, that's the troubling part.
    Being a BlackBerry user and fan comes with the price of having to put up with the media negativity towards the company and anything it does, which is just something I have come to try and accept. It just sometimes stuff like this "review" get under my skin.
    09-27-14 09:51 AM
  23. antikorr's Avatar
    How can someone who wears such sweater judge about boredom? OMG! Facepalm!
    needforbbx likes this.
    09-27-14 09:56 AM
  24. naveenrv's Avatar
    A common thread I observed in most of the negative review videos of the passport was that the reviewer did not flick the predicted words up, rather went on to tap and select, out of sheer ignorance. Hurts to think how such a mind-blowing OS is being looked down upon simply because it's different (and better) in every way.

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-14 10:00 AM
  25. whatsever's Avatar
    You guys remember the UK series BOTTOM.

    This guy looks like Eddie Hitler also 2 dumb 4 words
    09-27-14 10:21 AM
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