1. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Has anyone managed to do this?
    My USB port is going a bit wild, I'm guessing it's started to corrode.
    Yes I'm sure it's the port, tried many cables and many different devices.

    Is the micro usb in the passport different than that of any other device because it's also a HDMI out?
    11-20-16 09:50 PM
  2. bagman21's Avatar
    Did you manage to finally replace the USB on the Passport?
    I've been trying to find a service that could take care of this issue, but could find one in all of Europe.
    No one is being able to get this 'special kind' of USB that they say is one piece with the motherboard.
    I have my device 'out off service' for the last 4 months, and have send and received it to 5 different services, in 3 different countries, with no results. could you 'guide me ' some were?
    01-05-17 05:01 AM
  3. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Unfortunately no, but I no longer have the issue I was having.
    I believe if you order the entire motherboard it will come with it... might be the only way
    01-13-17 05:08 PM

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